Caring for your Pippa Bow

All of our Pippa Bows are made from the softest, most delicate fabrics.
Therefore, they deserve special care ! 
We highly recommend hand washing all of our products.
Untie the bow from the band and gently rinse under a tap of lukewarm water. If soiled, wash with a drop of hand wash fabric detergent. 
Squeeze the excess water with your hands, DO NOT TWIST, this will result in your bow stretching too much and becoming out of shape. Dry both sections flat. If you wish to iron your Pippa Bow, use a cool iron under a handkerchief. 
Re-tie your bow when completely dry.
As the day goes by you may notice your Pippa Bow has lost some shape or flat. 
Here's a simple instructional video to help you re shape  your Pippa Bow collection.
We recommend removal of all Little Bow Pip products while sleeping.