About Us

The Story behind Little Bow Pip

Our bows are handmade of exceptionally high quality fabrics that were sourced specifically to meet the needs of delicate baby heads and fluffy soft hair. We have tied, and un-tied, and re-tied and basically tied ourselves in knots, to bring you a selection of some of the finest bows available for your little princesses.  

Little Bow Pip was founded by Nikki Whelan & is a family run business, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Nikki is the proud mother of Jayden & Pippa. Having a baby girl after Jayden, Nikki wanted to dress her in pretty clothes and matching accessories to show her off to the world. She was the inspiration behind Nikki's new venture.

The hairbands that were available for babies fell short of both fabric quality and design, and Nikki was left searching the internet. 

Herein started the journey of Little Bow Pip.....  

We have an incredible team of mammies putting their loving touch to each and every Little Bow Pip product. 

You'll find us in many locations, take a look at our suppliers list on the next page. 

Our range also includes themed bows throughout the year so make sure you check in on a regular basis.

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